16 Proven Health Benefits of Red Rooibos Tea

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We all know that tea (herbal tea) has many amazing health benefits. Red rooibos tea or Rooibos tea is one among those herbal teas which exhibits various health benefits.


Red rooibos tea is gaining popularity these days as a delicious and healthy beverage. It is originated in South Africa and became a popular beloved drink for people in all over the world.

It effectively cures several health problems like hypertension, chronic headaches, asthma, allergies, eczema, insomnia, premature aging, bone weakness and other skin problems. You can find this tea as caffeine free and as a best alternative to black or green tea due to its low content of tannins.

So, you can enjoy this red rooibos herbal tea as your refreshing beverage all the day with its great taste and unique color without any possible side effects. Most of the South Africans treat this as an herb that fermented in red color but not a tea.

The US Department of Agriculture in Washington, DC has affirmed that this red rooibos tea is capable of reducing heart problems, cancer, premature aging signs and other serious health problems.

Before going into the details of this tea, let’s have a look at some nutritional facts.


Red rooibos tea is rich in many minerals like calcium, manganese, iron, potassium, zinc, copper, magnesium, etc. It doesn’t have oxalic acid and contains antioxidants (nothofagin, aspalathin), alpha hydroxy acids and other extremely potent and versatile phenolic compounds.

Now let’s know the health benefits of red rooibos tea in detail.

Amazing Health Benefits of Red Rooibos Tea:

Many experts agreed that this high antioxidant tea fight against a large range of diseases and almost every part of your body gets benefited from this rooibos tea. It became a health drink or beverage for those people who care for their health and fitness.

Here are some of the benefits of red rooibos tea are mentioned below. Have a look at them and include this tea as your regular herbal tea.

  1. Polyphenols:

The rich content of polyphenols (organic chemicals) in red rooibos tea will exhibit antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, antimutagenic and anti-inflammatory properties. In general red rooibos tea has many phenolic compounds and polyphenols are considered as the most important one due to its antioxidant property.

This tea helps to fight against free radicals, which are detrimental byproducts of cell metabolism and thereby causes heart and cancer problems. Nothofagin and aspalathin are two essential antioxidants that make this tea as a great beverage which helps to boost the immune system and thereby protects (strengthens) body from most of the diseases.

  1. Insomnia:

We already discussed that rooibos tea is a caffeine free and this makes the doctors to recommend it for their patients those who are suffering from insomnia (sleeplessness). All you need is to drink a cup of rooibos tea at night just before going to bed and you will get a sound sleep.

Also, removing beverages that contain caffeine from your diet will also help to improve your mood and heart healthy, as it reduces your stress levels. Dependent on caffeine is one of the most common addiction but red rooibos tea is not like that it gives energy and healthy without being an addiction.

  1. Reduces Blood Pressure:

Reducing your stress level is one major health benefits that was interlinked to many health benefits. Reducing blood pressure is one among those benefits you can grab by getting control over your stress levels.

Rooibos tea acts as an excellent bronchodilator that not only helps to relive your respiratory conditions and nervous tension but also reduces your blood pressure and thereby prevents the risk of getting dangerous cardiovascular disorders like atherosclerosis and heart attacks.


  1. Bone Health:

The rich content of minerals like manganese, fluoride and calcium will help to assist in maintaining healthy bones and stronger teeth. The regular intake of this tea will help to improve the bioavailability of these minerals in your body and thereby reduces the risk of developing certain bone related disorders like chronic joint pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.

The magnesium helps a lot in stimulating certain enzymes that are essential to build new bones and repair the damages of old ones. Fluoride is more connected to dental health and red rooibos tea is one best source of this mineral and thus helps you in strengthening your teeth. Drink this tea to maintain a healthy bone and teeth structure.

  1. Cardiovascular Health:

Red rooibos tea contains another powerful antioxidant agent called quercetin that helps a lot in preventing a variety of heart conditions by fighting against the attack of free radicals all over the body. It increases your HDL (good) cholesterol and inhibits the LDL (bad) cholesterol from binding to the walls of arteries and blood vessels.

In this way, red rooibos tea will give protection against various heart or cardiovascular problems like heart attacks or strokes, atherosclerosis, etc. and helps you a live long with perfect health.

  1. Clears Stomach ache in Children:

Most of the South African women claimed that this red rooibos plant is very effective and soothing for their colicky babies. This news has spread to all over the world and mothers started using this tea for their infants those who are suffering from stomach pains or colic.

You can add milk to this tea to enhance its flavor and make it tasty for your little ones. However the exact mechanism by which it soothes the stomach pain and colic is unknown but the anti-inflammatory properties might be responsible for treating stomach ache in children.

  1. Controls Diabetes:

Red rooibos tea contains a rare antioxidant called aspalathin that exhibits a number of unique qualities and one among them is balancing blood sugar levels. It improves the insulin resistance and glucose absorption by muscles and thereby boosts the insulin secretion from the pancreas.

This overall process will form a protective defensive shield against developing the risk of type 2 diabetes, which is one of the most widespread and dangerous problem that currently sweeping the world. The best thing is that people who have to prevent the attack of diabetes and people who are suffering from diabetes can drink this red rooibos tea to prevent the spikes and drops in their blood sugar levels and also for their overall health.

  1. Skin Care:

The rich content of alpha hydroxy acid and zinc in red tea will make it as a great remedy for treating skin disorders like acne, sunburns, pimples, premature aging signs and other cosmetic problems. Do you know that alpha hydroxy acid are not found naturally but it is essential for skin care? Red rooibos tea has gained its popularity as a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids.

This acid used in the chemical peels will help to revitalize and leave it fresh with a healthy glow. There are some controversies that commercial usage of this alpha hydroxy acids, so, it’s always best to get this acid from the natural sources like red rooibos tea. Simply apply some rooibos powder directly on the skin where you’re suffering from skin related problems to get relief from it.

  1. Aging:

The antioxidants plays a major role in slowing down the aging process and this red rooibos tea is a best source of antioxidants, which in turn reduces the aging signs and makes your skin look young and glowing.

It clears free radicals that cause damage to skin, bones, hair and other organs in the body by making vulnerable to disease and degeneration. It also exhibits anti- aging effect that helps to reduce the oxidative byproducts in neural pathways and thereby stimulates focus and concentration levels.

  1. Clears Kidney Stones:

The lack of oxalic acid in red rooibos tea will make it as a great beverage for people who are suffering from kidney stone problems. In general, people with kidney stones are not allowed to drink tea of other varieties because of the exacerbating ingredient called oxalic acid, which helps to form crystals like calcium stones or other painful growths in the kidneys.

But that won’t be a problem with red rooibos tea, as it doesn’t contain any oxalic acid. So, people with kidney stones or kidney disorders will drink this healthy tea to make their kidneys function healthy.

  1. Antispasmodic:

The tea contains antispasmodic property that helps a lot in easing severe abdominal pains and stomach cramps. It activates the K+ (potassium ions) in the body without antagonizing the activities of calcium. So, this can reduce the presence of hyperactivity in the gastrointestinal tract and thereby prevents diarrhea, constipation, bloating and other intestinal disorders.

  1. Have Rare Nutrients:

It contains some rare nutrients like Bioflavonoids and Quercetin that assist you in proper blood circulation and thereby prevents many health issues like heart problems, hypertension and hemorrhaging.

  1. Allergies:

Most of the South Africans use red rooibos tea as an effective remedy for treating allergies like hay fever, eczema and allergy related bronchitis with its excellent phenolic content and anti-inflammatory properties. Many doctors suggest this tea for those people who are suffering from various types of topical allergic reactions throughout the body and asthma.

The quercetin blocks mast cells which triggers allergic reactions and also acts as an anti-allergic potential to treat allergies effectively without any side effects. Also, the bioflavonoids found in this tea helps to treat all forms of allergies (like seasonal or food allergies) along with other skin reactions.

  1. Cancer:

The plant pigment called quercetin in rooibos tea will help to treat a ton of diseases, including cancer. Most of the doctors will suggest this rooibos tea as an excellent supplement for treating cancer, as it helps to suppress the malignant tumor growth and thereby stops the process that involved in cell mutation.

This tea helps the immune system to produce antibodies that are essential to heal cancer, allergic reactions and AIDS. So, drink this tea regularly to grab all these health benefits.

  1. Digestion:

These days, we generally consume western diet like fast foods or junk foods or processed foods which cause digestive disorders. So, the best way is to consume a nutrient rich foods that are free from problematic chemicals and other ingredients that contain processed foods to operate at optimal digestive health.

The intake of rooibos tea will help to maintain a healthy digestive system and thereby prevents you suffering from diarrhea, abdominal pain and other digestive problems.

  1. Lose your Excess Weight:

The polyphenols (or flavonoids) and antioxidants in red rooibos tea help to burn your belly fat with its fat burning capacity. So, include red rooibos tea as a part of your daily beverage and in fact you can replace green or black tea with red rooibos tea to expand your overall wellness.

The secret behind losing weight and fighting obesity is that rooibos tea increases the secretion of leptin (satiety hormone) and thereby helps you body to know how to consume food in enough quantities. It also prevents the formation of new fat cells and metabolizes the existing fat faster to lose your excess weight and cholesterol.

How to Brew Red Rooibos Tea:

Red rooibos tea is never bitter and has a natural sweetener with zero calories. You can take this beverage either hot or cold. The only thing it differs is that it has to be brewed for a longer time than other teas why because it has lack of tannins that prevent it from getting bitter, even after brewing long time.

Here are some recipes for recipes of red rooibos tea.

Method – 1: (Hot Rooibos Tea)

Pour 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of organic loose leaf rooibos tea in a tea infuser.
Place this infuser in a tea mug and boil 1 cup (8 ounces) of water in a pot.
Pour this boiling water in a mug and let it steep for at least 5 minutes.
Make sure that not to exceed the steeping time up to 15 minutes to get desired aroma and flavor.
If you want you can sweeten this tea with honey or any natural sweetener or else drink it.
Regular intake of this hot rooibos tea will help to strengthen your immune system and treats many problems.
Method – 2: (Iced Rooibos Tea)

Pour 1 – 2 tablespoons of loose organic rooibos leaf in an infuser.
Place it on a mug filled with 1 cup of boiling water.
Let it steep for 10 minutes and cool it for another few minutes.
Then sweeten with honey and pour over ice to serve immediately.
Enjoy the taste of this iced rooibos tea.
Method – 3: (Stored Rooibos Tea)

Pour 1 gallon of water in a large pot and boil it for few minutes.
Add 1/2 cup of loose rooibos leaf and stir well for another few minutes.
Turn off the heat and allow it to cool completely.
Strain the leaves and store this tea in a pitcher and place it in refrigerator.
Drink it whenever you want, as it lasts for 2 – 3 days in refrigerator.

Red rooibos tea is so powerful that can interfere with some medications and treatments, includes chemotherapy and also shown some estrogenic activities in certain studies. So, people suffering from hormone sensitive cancer like breast cancer should avoid using this red rooibos tea.
If you’re an existing kidney or liver problems then the intake of red rooibos tea is more harmful than helping you to get rid of those problems. But you can use it as a preventive medicine for not getting these kidney or liver diseases.
Always remember to talk with your doctor before adding any new dietary elements or beverages in your normal routine, especially like adding some powerful rooibos tea.
Make sure to check whether the tea packs or bags or powder or leaves should be organic and fair trade certified variety. Also, remember that organic loose leaf rooibos tea is more cost effective and you can buy this tea packs from online stores also.

Final Word:

Red rooibos tea is an amazing thirst quencher that was taken mostly by the people like professional athletes, people who travel most often, hyperactive children, people preferring drink without caffeine, etc. as their refreshing drink.

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